Dance Expression

This program integrates Applied Behavior Modification techniques with Corporal Expression, creating an intervention plan for the modification of behavior of people with special educational needs. In addition to incentivizing creativity and imagination, it activates and enhances cognitive, physical and emotional functioning and development of the individual. Moreover, it encourages functional and active integration of the student in society.

Visual Arts

The program of Behavior Modification through the Visual Arts, which includes visual, fine arts and crafting, has been designed specifically for people with special educational needs. The strength and foundation of this program is the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis paired with the Visual Arts as a methodological instrument for behavioral intervention. Its aim is to stimulate and incentivize creativity, imagination and development of other skills that would ultimately facilitate active and functional integration of each of these individuals in the community, taking into consideration the specific and unique needs and qualities of each person.

Cognitive Behavior Training

The Neurobehavioral Brain Training computer program consists of a set of computer programs that attempt to remedy cognitive and behavioral deficits, subsequent to developmental or acquired neurological disorders or other types of brain damage. This system can also be useful in the treatment of people with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit, Aphasic and Autistic, among others.
Music Expression

Expressive interventions are those that introduce action to psychotherapy and that “action within the intervention and life is rarely limited to a specific mode of expression”. While talk is still the traditional method of exchange in intervention and counseling, practitioners of expressive interventions know that people also have different expressive styles— one individual may be more visual, another more tactile, and so forth. When the interventions are able to include these various expressive capacities in their work with clients, they can more fully enhance each person’s abilities to communicate effectively and authentically.